Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Way it should be

God designed intimacy only for after marriage, for a man and women to experience a intimate connection for the first time . Which is meant to hold them to each others Heart, Body, and Soul for the rest of their lives . As two Virgins come together, As the bible so instructs, A passionate love for each other , a healthy addiction for only that other person , a rich love poured into each others souls , a passionate desire for "Only One Person" for the One Man or Women God designed and created for you to be with. God never Intended for man and women to have premarital Sex and yet our society has taken "it", run it through the trenches, and absolutely Distorted it into what it shouldn't be .

We as a civilization Have made it into a game , Men have taken it and used it as how many "notches on the belt", "use it as a rebound", women have turned into a profit on the street corner  etc... , business owners have turned it into Entertainment,  the movie industry has created a multiple  billion dollar industry, TV networks and cartoon networks have salted kids and adult shows with the advertisement of sex, food industries have turned there food and beverage commercial into what they call "sex sells" . Its absolutely disgusting what our society and civilization have turned sex into. God designed it to be beautiful between a married man and a married women NOTHING ELSE .....

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