Sunday, February 19, 2017

Moitionless Emotions

  Christ died on the cross for you and rose three days later.  On that third day the tomb was rolled away the seal was broken ,  all that was in the tomb was the cloth he had bee wrapped in. When he finally descended into heaven the twelve disciple went into the upper room and the Holy spirit fell on them . They all started speaking in tongues of every language. When the holy spirit fell on them, it was described as tongues of fire . The holy spirit is not just a facilitator of those with the Gift of speaking in tongues . It also allows us to feel The lords presence in what I describe As a motionless Emotion. This comes from within. Those feelings that abrupt the soul into a controlled frenzy of passion. When the Holy spirit takes over and consumes you almost into a coma state taking over . Our hearts cant handle it nor our minds comprehend the words to express how you feel. When we submit to the father and completely submerge our self's into his will and desire for our lives we allow our self's to give complete surrender unto him. Threw Jesus and the Holy spirit he presence us with other gifts as well. Gift of prophesy, interpret , Visions, Discernment , Gift of Ministering or also known as shepherding . There are so many bits and pieces Of the Body of Christ that we cant all be the eye or the ear, or even the foot. but we all have our part and we need to rise up and operate in those things we are called to.